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Adventure trips

For this program we provide an experienced guide who has won several international sport competitions. János Török has achieved remarkable results in cross-country skiing, extreme skiing, rock climbing and ski mountaineering, and also won several national competitions. His last performance is climbing the 8125 m Nanga Parbat peak in the Himalayas, he reached to 7200 m.

  1. Tracking, mountain hiking: Vlădeasa, Retezat, Făgăraş Mountains
  2. Rock-climbing course (for beginners and advanced): Turda Gorge, Aiud Gorge, Bicaz Gorge
  3. Mountain-bike tours: Apuseni Mountains, Vlădeasa area Top of FormBottom of Form
  4. Basic ski and ski mountaneering: Vlădeasa, Harghita, Retezat, Făgăraş Mountains


– max. number of participants: 8 to 10 persons

– rock-climbing equipment provided

– for basic ski, ski mountaneering and mountain-bike tours please bring your own equipment

Price: 80 EUR/day ( guide services)

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