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Equestrian Tourism in Călata

Horseback riding is a rare and expensive sport, difficult to practice in the cities. We now offer you the possibility to ride in the nature, at minimum prices.

Călata is situated 10 km south from Huedin, towards Beliş, and the equestrian center, with 20 horses, lies at the Văleni exit.  The horses, from 4 to 20 years old, are intelligent, friendly, obedient and patient with the beginners.  The surroundings provide excellent riding conditions, with delightful alternation of hills, valleys intersected by streams, patches of forest and grassland. The area has an altitude between 600-850 meters, with the emerging Apuseni Mountains in the west. The landscape is perfect for riding in any weather conditions.


1.Basic training: a 20 m diameter round pen is available for beginners. Basic skills can be acquired in approx. 15 minutes.

Price: 6 EUR/pers.

  1. Steeplechasing: We recommend it for experienced riders, with more route options.

Price: 10 EUR/pers/hour.

  1. Horseback riding tours:

– Day trips: tour starts in Călata, after riding for two-three hours there is a two hour break with lunch. We return to Călata on a different route.

Price:  46 EUR/pers.

– Trips of several days in the Apuseni Nature Reserve. It includes five to eight hours horseback riding per day, with a break every two hours, and accommodation in mountain chalets. There is a two-course hot dinner every night, breakfast and picnic lunches are provided as well.

Price: 90 EUR/pers/riding day.


-we provide professional guidance and protective gear

-lodging and board will be provided in the nearby Sâncraiu

CONTACT: 0742 – 977801

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