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The Calvinist Church

Made of stone, this construction dating from the 13th century, has been restored many times over the years. The church itself is fortified, being sorrounded by a stone wall, which has three gates.  In the beginning it was a catholic church, the population converted to protestantism in the 1560’s, after the Reformation from 1517.

The church’s ceiling was destroyed in a fire in 1848. The traditional wooden coffered ceiling, organized in the so-called „cassettes” was restored only in 1994.  The 220 cassettes present traditional floral motifs from the Kalotaszeg area, each of them  is decorated differently.

The tower was built in 1762, it has 3 bells, the oldest of them from 1800. A belfry in the churchyard holds a bell dating from 1481, when the most beloved king of all times, King Matthias ruled over Hungary. The church organ was built in 1876, and the crown above the pulpit, made of wheatear, in 1867.